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Koh Ker (Prasat thom, Prasat  Balang, Prasat Pram, etc) Siem Reap Places

Koh Ker (Prasat thom, Prasat Balang, Prasat Pram, etc)

Long one of the most inaccessible of the Angkor-era temples, Koh Ker could easily be described Cambodia’s forgotten capital. Tucked away in the forests of Preah Vihear province in the north of the country, Koh Ker was briefly the Khmer capital during the reign of Jayavarman IV (928-942 CE), who moved here from Angkor after [...]
Beng Melea Siem Reap Places

Beng Melea

Built in the 12th century, the layout and style of Beng Mealea is very similar to Angkor Vat. Its current state, however, is dominated by the jungle: Trees have grown out of towers and vines entangle columns. Lintels and other building blocks lay around in a tumble and require visitors to climb up and down [...]
Samre Siem Reap Places


Being built towards middle of 12th century, Banteay Samre is a medium-size ruin located on the east side of Angkor, away from the rest of the monuments. Visitors usually combined an excursion here to a visit to Banteay Srei. However, as I discovered, although Banteay Samre is on the way to Banteay Srei, it isn’t that [...]
Lolei Siem Reap Places


Lolei is composed of four tower sanctuaries, the remains of the original ensemble that was without doubt more complex. The King Yasovarman consecrated Lolei to the memory of his ancestors, particularly his father, in 893 AD. Built in two tiers, the island on which the temple is found is itself located in the middle (but [...]
Bakong Siem Reap Places


The Bakong is the first real pyramidal shaped temple built in Cambodia to take the form which researchers have come to call “temple mountain”. Before the Bakong, this architectural type had not fully emerged, and even at Ak Yum, on the southern dike of the Western Baray, the form is not yet totally achieved. Before [...]
Preah Ko Siem Reap Places

Preah Ko

Preah Ko temple was officially called Paramesvara, a name which means Supreme God and usually designates Shiva. Here, however, the name Paramesvara also is the posthumous name of King Jayavarman II, the founder of the Angkorian empire. Preah Ko was dedicated by Indravarman in 879 AD (CE) to the memory of Jayavarman II, represented in [...]
Phnom Backeng Siem Reap Places

Phnom Backeng

“Phnom” means “hill” in the Khmer language. Phnom Bakheng is a 65-metre hill a few hundred metres south of the gate to Angkor Thom. It is the only natural hill in the area. Phnom Bakheng is one of Angkor’s oldest temples. It was built as a state temple between the late 9th and early 10th [...]
Neank Pean Siem Reap Places

Neank Pean

Built in XII century under Jayavarman VII’s administration, a big pond surrounded with stairs and a sanctuary in the centre on a small island. The pilgrims came to the time there to make it their sacred ablutions. 4 overflows symbolize 4 rivers which took their source on the same lake meadows of the Mountain Kailash in [...]
Taphrom Siem Reap Places


Ta Phrom temple is one of the most romantic temples of Angkor’s site, where the nature resumed its rights and disrupted the work of the men. A magic place which was built in 1186, this convent Buddhist was the most gigantic of Angkor’s site. The Conservation of Angkor saved the main monuments, but didn’t clean’ [...]
Thamanon Siem Reap Places


Thommanon is a small temple built at the end of Suryavarman II’s reign, around the middle of the 12th century. It is nearly symmetrical to Chau Say Tevoda, another of Suryavarman’s temples that stands nearby. Although the placement of Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda neatly frame the east causeway to the Angkor Thom complex, this [...]


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