Angkor National Museum

Most people come to visit Angkor Archaeological Park, which is thoroughly covered in its own article. The town itself has some worthwhile attractions and a number of beautiful modern Buddhist temples. Exhibits covering the history of the Angkor complex as well as Khmer culture and clothing using high tech displays and video screens. Some say the 1,000 Buddhas room is as impressive as it sounds.

Angkor National Museum

After an explanatory film screening called Story behind the legend, you’re pointed toward the galleries:

Gallery 1: 1,000 Buddha Images

Gallery 2: Pre-Angkor Period: Khmer Civilisation

Gallery 3: Religion and Beliefs

Gallery 4: The Great Khmer Kings

Gallery 5: Angkor Wat

Gallery 6: Angkor Thom

Gallery 7: Story From Stones

Gallery 8: Ancient Costume

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